Saturday, June 30, 2012

Natural Selection

          Evolution is often described as cereatures, "Evolving" through the ages, which is true, species do progress and advance over time. Recently, KahnAcademy posted a video that gave a simple straight forward explanation of evolution. The main theory currently is explained as follows: Let's say there are two bacteria. One is contagious and everyone has it, so the immune system of the victims adapt and fight it off. The second bacteria has not been, "introduced" so the to-be victims are not ready to handle it. That lets the second bacteria thrive while te first is being killed by the victims immune system. As a result, bacteria one dies off while bacteria two thrives. To put another label to it, i'll use computer mice as another example. Its the year 2015, and instead of mice with two buttons, left click and right click, there is a third button, which is called, "Depth". The older mice begin to be discontinued through factories and the users but the new Depth mice and throw away the older two button mice. Natural Selection is the process of what survives, thrives, and what dosent dies, or what works thrives and what does not, dies.

Friday, June 29, 2012

What We Think We Know

           You may have heard of the popular, "Tail of the Elephant" analogy @ It briefly states: We are Humans researching our world. We are diving deeper and deeper of our atomic infrastructure but the fact of the matter is our, "Table of the Elements" only states the parts of a small 5 % of the Universe. We are studying only the tail of the elephant. Imagine what would happen if we broadened our view of the Universe and took a peek at the elephant as a whole. Imagine what we would discover. 

What Is Science

         Science is not what we think it is. Some may think that science is the study of animals and life. Others may think that it is the atomic building blocks of our every day world. Some think science is time after getting the thought of an abstract topic called time, and chose to think about it and (99.999 % of the time) we are puzzled beyond words. Others may think that science it the captivating study of space and our Universe. The fact of the matter is, all of these are considered, "science" and we can't put a label on what is science and what isn't.